Value Flow Systems

Value FLOW Systems is a consulting firm that utilizes basic and advanced Lean techniques to optimize business processes. We are composed of seasoned Lean consulting specialists with a record of solid success. We are a Canadian company that operates internationally.

Value FLOW Systems team members have perfected a toolkit of approaches that have been used in hundreds of projects in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Adapted to suit every type of business process, these techniques help your company in providing exactly what your clients want, when they want it and at the quality level they want.

A distinctive benefit of our approach comes from implementing improvements through human behavioural change. As your improvement partner, Value FLOW Systems helps you optimize processes, reduce lead times, alleviate constrains, improve quality and delight customers.

Lean requires cultural change throughout the organization. A Value FLOW Systems intervention has an impact on every employee and every function at all levels, but the principal concentration involves your front line workers (those who create the value that your clients pay for) in identifying and implementing changes that enhance value and profitability, making the work flow faster, better and more effectively.

Behaviour change forms the cornerstone of our contribution. Only through changing the behaviour of the workforce will sustainable efficiency and productivity improvements be created that have a positive bottom-line impact on the organization.

Our project managers act within your company’s culture and policies. To ensure that all levels of the company are committed to change, we only undertake projects where unions and employees have agreed to participate.